I'm a middle child, coffee snob, reluctant runner, and robot enthusiast.

I started a PhD in EECS at MIT in Fall 2018. Before MIT, I worked at Google for two years as an Associate Product Manager. I graduated from Harvard in 2016.



Logic Interpretability

How should we best present logical sentences to a human? Published at IJCAI.

Project Webpage

Piggybacking Robots

My senior thesis, a project which set out to answer the question of whether we place too much trust in robotic systems, specifically in the physical security domain. Published at HRI.

Project Webpage
Video: Piggybacking Robots

Connected Hearts

A collaboration with Michelle Cone. A distributed system for visualizing the human heartbeat. A webcam, hidden behind one-way mirror, takes your pulse. One leader-elected bulb starts pulsating at this frequency. The leader bulb propogates the message to all bulbs.

SwimSwallow: A Robotic Fish

A collaboration with Lezhi Li. SwimSwallow is an informal robot made from cheap materials. Video: SwimSwallow

A Juice-Jacking Charging Station

A charging station which compromises privacy by searching for on-device media.

L-System Trees

A CS175: Computer Graphics project in which I "grow" trees from L-Systems.

OCaml Boids

A collaboration with Jo Booth. An implementation of Reynold's classic 1986 flocking algorithm in OCaml.